Coolplas Cellulite Removal

CE Approved Coolplas Unique body sculpting and weight loss slimming fat freezing machine: The Coolplas cryolipolysis system is a new technology body slimming equipment based on the market demand. The cooling applicator delivers precisely controlled cooling energy to the desired area of fat reduction. When fat cells are exposed to precise cooling, they trigger a process of natural removal, and gradually eliminated through the body’s normal metabolic processes.​Moreover, the whole treatment course is very cool and comfortable, safe, painless, non-invasive, non-surgical, no-needles, no incisions, and no recovery time.

Product Details

imageHow Does Coolplas Work ?

The treatment cup can absorb the fat in the treatment area to the cooling plate by a vacuum pressure. And the treatment probe can control the cooling temperature precisely during the treatment, which can eliminate fat cells in a particular part of the body. When the fat cells are in the cooling environment which be precisely controlled, it will begin to do natural decomposition and clearance, to make the fat layer become thinner gradually.



● Cellulite Reduction 

● Body Contouring 

● Fat Lipolysis



1. Most popular way in losing weight In the market!

2. Special design for hand-piece, no any pain feeling when finished the treatment.

3. No surgery, no anesthesia, no needles, no scarring, no downtime.

4. Single treatment can reduce 20-30% reduction in the fat layer

5. The Cooling Procedure is comfortable for most patients; They can read, work on their laptop computer, listen to music

6. Automatic adjustment of vacuum pressure control, very little noise at work.




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