Sincoheren Coolplas II
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Functional modularity

(1) The internal structure is separated from the casing, and the internal structure is fixed by the sheet metal frame, which is convenient for remote maintenance and convenient for later maintenance

(2) The water pump, water tank, vacuum pump, and power supply inside the machine are reserved in advance for convenient maintenance and disassembly operations, which can realize quick inspection and replacement

Freezing temperature: 5 to -11°C

12.1-inch resistive touch screen

(3) A working cycle: 1 to 60 minutes

(4) Five handles optional (ICE8.0 is an optional button):

 ICE 3.0          Cavity area: 180mm*60mm


 ICE 3.0F         Cavity area: 170mm*60mm


 ICE 6.0          Cavity area: 270mm*60mm


 ICE 8.0          Cavity area: 340mm*60mm


 ICE 1.0          Cavity area: 78mm*33mm


(5) It can support four handles to work asynchronously at the same time

(6) The 4 handles with a screen each have 14 temperature sensors; the chin mini handle has 4 temperature sensors

(7) The handle cavity is made of food-grade soft silicone, which fits the human body better, is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, soft and comfortable

(8) The handle operation interface adopts a 5.0-inch capacitive screen, which makes the operation smarter and the design more fashionable

(9) The logic of the operation interface is refactored, the functions are more compact, and the operation is simpler

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