Cryotherapy-cooling Sculpting-weight Loss

Coolplas treatment program is to use a specially designed low-temperature probe on the specific treatment area for cryolipolysis treatment, it can absorb the low temperature energy of fat , without causing damage to other tissues. Treatment cup inhale the fat between the cooling plate by vacuum pressure. During treatment process, the probe can accurately control the cooling temperature, which proved to be able to remove fat cells for specific body parts. When fat cells are in precisely controlled cooling environment, it will begin to natural decompose and clear, so then the fat layer becomes thinner.

Product Details


 Advantages (优势)

1.  Proven as the most effective way for body shaping,slimming,and reduction of cellulite & fat.
2.  2 optional treatment handpieces,10.4inch high effective high sensitive touch screen.
3.  A safe non-invasive way. No surgery, no special diets, no supplements, no influence to your normal activities including your everyday life and your work hour routine.

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