Three Layers Disposable Surgical Mask

Three Layers Disposable Surgical Mask

Place of Origin: China
Brand name: RTED
Size: 17.5cm*9.5cm
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Product Details

1. Properties: Medical Polymer Materials &Products

Place of Origin: China

Brand name: RTED

Size: 17.5cm*9.5cm

Material: FF Non-woven, Melt blown filter paper,

MOQ: 10000pcs

Ply: 3ply

Function: anti-bacterial, anti-virus, Clinical,hospital,housework, gardening and maintenance for filtering dust, pollen, and bacteria

Style: Earloop or tie on

Type: Eco-friendly, water proof

Color: blue

Product: face mask,

Packing: 10 pieces/pack,

Standardconfirmed: YY 0469—2011

Product description: made of non-woven (inner, outer), Melt blown filter paper, adjustable nose clip, mask paper. Asepticcondition.All kinds of clinical personnel wear it during non-invasive operation, covering the user's mouth, nose and jaw, so as to provide a certain physical barrier to prevent the direct penetration of pathogens, microorganisms, particles, etc.


1. It is disposable and destroyed after use;

2. It is forbidden to use if the package is damaged or leaking;

3. The product is sterilized with ethylene oxide, and the sterile period is two years, and it is forbidden to use after expiration.

Storage: The product is stored in a cool, dry, clean, dark, non-corrosive gas, well ventilated room after use. The means of transport shall be clean and sanitary, and the fire source shall be isolated.



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