Vertical Body Slimming Machine Type One

The electromagnetic field of HI-EMT can target the motor nerve cells and generate the action potential, which directly stimulates the muscle contraction. It can be said that "you can exercise while lying down." During the 30-minute course of treatment, the muscle contracts 30000 times with high frequency and intensity, which can not be achieved in general exercise! The ultimate contraction of muscle needs a large amount of energy supply, so the fat cells beside the muscle are also consumed, leading to natural apoptosis and effective reduction of fat thickness.
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This device is non-invasive, safe and painless, no radiation, no side effects, no need for anaesthesia, you can be thin when lying down, it can tighten muscles and lose weight, there is no discomfort during the treatment, and there is no need for a recovery period after the treatment.

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There are sufficient experimental studies to prove that the treatment effect is remarkable. It only takes 4 treatments within two weeks, and every half an hour, you can see the effect of reshaping the lines in the treatment site.

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Certificates cleared, rest assured.

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