4D Hifu Body Slimming

The 4D HIFU is focusing reaches the SMAS layer with its specific high-energy focused ultrasound, improves the SMAS suspension, comprehensively solve the facial sagging and relaxation problems. It accurately positions the ultrasonic power on the SMAS 4.5mm under skin, performing the best effect of shaping, pulling and compacting for muscle growth and traction; impacts on the collagen layer 3mm under skin, making the collagen restructured and newborn, solving the aging problems by recovering elasticity, skin whitening, wrinkle removing and pores shrinking.
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Product Details

4D Hifu Body Slimming is a beauty machine with multi-function ,non-invasive ,lifting and contouring treatment by combining 4D Line & Pen Technologies for treat face, neck area and body ,which depends on skin condition and face shape to enhance the results. It can provide flexibility on the treatment by combining 4D Line and Pen technologies to reach every possible area in a body. It is unnecessary to worry about the skin injury because the power is across the epidermis. Moreover, it has the functions of quick pulling, counter compacting and quick wrinkle smoothing.

Application of 4D Hifu Body Slimming

  1. Wrinkle removal

  2. Skin rejuvenation

  3. Body slimming

  4. skin lifting and tightening

  5. Vagina tightening




A. Features of the upgrade HIFU
1)Quick & short treatment time : 30 MINS one face treatment
2)SMAS contraction : collagen remodeling , elastine fiber contraction
3)No downtime : skin just become red within the first several hours , then skin recover.
4)Instant result will be checked from the second month to the ninth month , good result will last 2-3 years
5)Totally non-invasive
B.Treatment advantages
1)Radar carving:1-9 points that are adjusting can be shot per second.
2)New radar technology cartridges are more suitable for some small areas, like areas around eyes, mouth and forehead.




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