4D HIFU Wrinkle Removal

HIFU, also known as High Intensity Focused Ultrasound,directly delivers heat energy to skin and subcutaneous tissue that can stimulate and renew the skin's collagen and thus consequently improving the texture and reducing sagging of the skin. It literally achieves the results of face lift or body lifts without any invasive surgery or injections, moreover, an added bonus of this procedure is that there is no downtime.
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Facial treatment
     THE HIFU MACHINE can be done firm skin while pulling the muscle layer, thin face up to the progressive effect. What is SMAS? Lift operation at present by plastic surgeons do operation layer, the SMAS layer, which is (superficial musculoaponeurotic system, referred to as the fascia (fascia) SMAS) layer on the skin depth is about 4.5mm, subcutaneous fat and muscle.

Body fat removal
Apply high intensity focused ultrasound, generate focused energy and go deeoer into the cellulite to break cellulite. it is an invasive, impressive and long- last effective tratement to reduce fat, especially for abdomen and thigh.

Clinical indication

1) Remove wrinkles on around forehead, eyes, mouth, etc.
2) Lifting and tightening both cheeks skin.
3) Improve skin elasticity and shaping contour.
4) Improve jaw line, reducing "marionette lines"
5) Tightening the skin tissue on forehead, lifting the eyebrows lines.
6) Remove neck wrinkles, protecting neck aging.
7) Body Contouring / Body Sculpture.
8) Weight loss, slimming.



1. 60000 shot Radar pen treatment head is added to reach small area around eyes etc. and dead angle on face, painlessly and safely.

2. High efficiendy of standard head: 1-12 lines/shot adjusted, time saving. 

3. Results can be shown soon within 2-3 months and long lasting to 2 years.

4. Long lifespan up to 5 years

5. Easy to use sysyem

6. Doctor's clinical data and Clients feedback supported

7. Accurate energy, safe and effective

8. CE approved








1. 1-1 online training by professional trainer with 10 years experiences

2. 1 year warranty

3. Continues after-sales services and technical support

4. 3-5 fast shipping days





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