Coolplas Mini

Coolplas Mini

Frozen de-fatting coolplas best fat freezing body slimming machine weight loss beauty salon or clinic equipment
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New advanced 4 handles portable cryo fat freezing slimming machine


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Voltage220v/110v; 50Hz-60Hz
Handle sizeBig handle:25cm*12cm*8.2cm

Mid handle:20cm*10cm*8.2cm

Small handle: 12cm*6cm*8.7cm

Mini handle: 7.5cm*3cm*6.7cm
Cooling device output temperature-16℃degree~ -5℃ degree
Cooling device output pressure0-100Kpa
Cooling liquidpure water, with 9L
Default working time0-60 minutes
Power consumption≤400W


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Working Theory



Coolplas Mini treatment program is to use a specially designed low-temperature probe on the specific treatment area for cryo treatment, it can absorb the low temperature energy of fat , without causing damage to other tissues. Treatment cup inhale the fat between the cooling plate by vacuum pressure. During treatment process, the probe can accurately control the cooling temperature, which proved to be able to remove fat cells for specific body parts. When fat cells are in precisely controlled cooling environment, it will begin to natural decompose and clear, so then the fat layer becomes thinner.




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