oxygen revive 9 In 1 Facial Hydro Machine

1.Oxygen Revive is a leader in the market of equipment addressed to beauty, wellness, mind and body relaxation, treatment of anxiety and fatigue disorders. 2.With only the best technologies and specialist doctors who co-operate with us, which led us to conclude exclusive agreements with the main companies in the field worldwide.

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How Does It Work?

During this treatment, a pressurized device is used to direct 94% pure oxygen onto the face thereby pushing active product ingredients into the skin. Active ingredients have moved from basic moisturizers to hyaluronic acid, collagen, and antioxidant-rich serums. This powerfully formulated facial will target expression lines, fine lines and wrinkles, acne, pigmentation, and enlarged pores. The skin is immediately left looking plumper, firmer, more hydrated, and revitalized. What clients have found is a significant reduction in those designer bags so prevalent under tired eyes.

Oxygen facial treatment benefits include:

*Increases skin firmness

*Delivers deep penetration of the active COMCIT™ Skin Infusion Serums into the skin *layers thereby plumping and smoothing lines and wrinkles.

*The most advanced method of replacing lost moisture to the skin.

*Provides oxygen to all levels of the skin.

*Ensures more hydrated skin.

*Stimulates collagen production at a cellular level.

*Reverses the damage caused by free radicals.


How many treatments needed?

It is recommended 12 times/1 course,twice every week in the first 8 times,

once every week in left 4 times


Is there any downtime?

There is no downtime required after oxygen revive treatment. You can go back to your normal routine right after the treatment. 

How to make your Oxygen Facial treatment last longer?

To start with, the period of time we have mentioned is typical for those who have finished their first treatment. Experts agree that the effects of oxygen facial are cumulative. In other words, you can make the results last longer with every next treatment you take. The recommended full treatment requires taking one oxygen facial therapy a week for six weeks in a row. Once this full treatment is finished, the results should last for at least one month and up to three months. Experts advise taking a break after this treatment. You can start the procedure after three months without worrying about any problems.


If you want to make your oxygen facial treatment last as long as possible, you can also take some actions at home too. To start with, you must increase your water intake. Water is crucial for our skin because cells that are hydrated well can do their job in the best possible way. So, once the treatment is over start drinking plenty of water. Many experts suggest drinking between eight and ten glasses of water.


In case you were performing exfoliation regularly, stop using them once the facial treatment is finished. Oxygen facial will do everything an ordinary exfoliation does and even more. So, it is the best idea to stay away from exfoliating acids and scrubs. On the other hand, if you don’t stop with this practice, you will probably witness dryness, irritation, and breakouts. Wait for at least one week before you start with exfoliation again.


In addition, you can also use a calming, light moisturizer just to be sure that your skin will stay well-hydrated. This is a simple way to prolong the positive effects of oxygen facial. If you are staying outdoors for a long time, you should use SPF to keep your skin safe from the damaging effects of prolonged sun exposure. Many people that have used this treatment say that changing the pillowcase more frequently can be helpful too. So, do this at least once a week.

hydrafacial machine


 1. Improve physical and mental health, relieve anxiety and fatigue, low-cost physical therapy
 2. Applicable for all age groups, and body areas: skin, face, body, hair, mental and physical relaxation, etc.
 3. Wide range of applications: beauty centers, weight loss centers, hotels, gymnasiums, health clubs, etc.

 4. Patented technology and design by USA engineers 

    *Shrink pores
    *Glow and whiten skin
    *Promote deeply absorbed nutrients
    *Deep cleansing dirt and metabolism thick horny
    *Firming skin
    *Reduce pigmentation
    *Lighten wrinkles, acne, and scars

    *Increase circulation of blood and lymphatic system

Hydra dermabrasion system revolutionized the traditional personal manual

techniques to clean the skin. With the intelligent use of vacuum under-pressure

control, as well as skin care products and equipment, deep cleansing of

epidermis peeling horny, acne, blackheads, and other dirt or pores of cosmetics.

In addition, it can promote deep absorption of nutrients, shrink pores, smooth

skin, moisturize the skin, and improve skin texture.

In ancient ages, the oxygen content in the air is 38% to 50%. At the beginning

of 18 century; the percentage fell to 30%. In the 20 century, the rate even fell to

23%. Up to now, the rate is less than 20%, which broke the minimum.

Healthy skin needs enough nutrition, but air pollution gets more and more

serious. As the oxygen content in the atmosphere is falling constantly, the lack

of oxygen in the skin leads to a lot of problems: oxygen lack in the skin,

metabolism slows down, sensitive skin, sallow complexion, black spot,

wrinkles, and skin aging. Meanwhile, it will destroy the balance of lipid excreting

and darken the skin. The research points out that active elements and oxygen’s

movement can go beyond the interspace between cells and refresh the outer

circulatory system for rebirth skin.

Oxygen and the human body are closely linked together. What caused our

the sickish body is the lack of oxygen in the atmosphere, busy city life, long time facing

to the computer, dry air office, lack of aerobics, and bad eating habits. The

researches show that we should breathe at least 1.44-gallon oxygen to keep

the growth and rebirth of the 60 million cells in the human’s body

hydrafacail machine

This new model comes with an oxygen regenerator inside the device. Unlike most hydrafacial devices on the market, which offer air facial this one comes with pure oxygen, which is the real good to the skin.

hydrafacail machine


hydrafacial machine

hydrafacial machine

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