Visits To Beijijng Sincoheren a Pleasant Place to go

- Nov 13, 2019-

Visits To Beijijng Sincoheren a Pleasant Place to go

During this day we recived our costumers from Brazil, they travel more 15Hrs by plane to come to Beijijng and visit our privilege company. Our proffesional Staff were wating for them at the airport and help them to reach their hotel to place all their bags, and stuff and wait them to get ready to Start the journey to the Sincoheren Company. We they arrive to the company 

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Our customers were testing our machines, getting alll the information that they need form products, they were really happy with our products, specially relally interested in HIFU 4D Machine, after we find the suitable price fro them, in a way to make a close and better relationship, we went together througth some activities.


Our company establish a closer relationship with the costumer by having some activities, the very first thing that the company did, was spending time with the costumer while they were finding a place to eat, the company took them to eat to those places that they’ll be comfortable with. In seek to make the endurance the relationship the company also provide some spaces to our costumer, that is connected with Chinese daily live, we went, to have some fun at traditional KTV activity, nearby Daxin, a palce that our company also holds a headquarter in Beijing.


The Next day, The company took them to know more places related and connect with the Chinese culture, one of those place was the Great wall, to provide to the costumer the most valuable and satisfy journey.


They are loyal customers, they were really grateful with our company. and Most definitely the will came back to visit us, ang get know from us! the latest products in the market.


We hope they have a good way back home!