Daily maintenance of the Laser Beauty Machine

- Feb 01, 2019-

Laser Beauty Machine is the core of the beauty salon Laser Beauty Machine. The development of the beauty program and the guarantee of the treatment effect are directly related to the quality of the Laser Beauty Machine. So the Laser Beauty Machine is in the store, and the daily maintenance and maintenance is very important. Let's take a look at some of the daily maintenance and precautions of the Laser Beauty Machine.

1. The Laser Beauty Machine is forbidden to move when it is turned on.

2, Laser Beauty Machine must use distilled water, avoid the use of mineral water or pure water, to avoid damage to the Laser Beauty Machine optical components.

3, due to the large indoor and outdoor temperature difference, after receiving the Laser Beauty Machine, it is recommended to open the package, put it indoors, naturally ventilate for more than 2 hours, then add water to power, test machine.

4. After each operation, pay attention to keep the treatment handle clean.

5, maintenance, Laser Beauty Machine in the handling process, because the removed handle or light guide arm is an optical device, afraid of shock, afraid of falling, please properly package and handle gently.

6. If the equipment is used or stored in the winter, it must be kept above zero to prevent the ice from causing damage to the Laser Beauty Machine.