Overall wavelengths picosecond laser treats pigmentary disorders in all skin types

- Nov 02, 2020-

3 in 1 wavelengths picosecond laser treats pigmentary disorders 

for all skin types

skin type_PIC

The new 730-nm picosecond laser demonstrates strong efficacy and safety in darker skin types for treatment of endogenous pigmentary disorders, according to a recent case study. However,we have the picolaser machine which could be applied to all kinds of skin types.

As we all know, picosecond laser is a revolutionary laser technology, which achieve skin whitening, pore tight, concavity scars and tattoo pigment clearance by shattering melanin quickly through fast pulse, metabolizing pigments safely and effectively, stimulating collagen proliferation. This epoch-making laser technique has excellent therapeutic effects through some indications such as spot removal, wrinkle removal, acne removal, and tattoo removal.

A case report published The American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery shows the new 730-nm picosecond laser to have strong efficacy and safety in treating endogenous pigmentary disorders on darker skin types.


HOWEVER, our Picolaser with 3 wavelengths: 1064nm, 755mm, 532nm, has the following advantages:

1. Higher melanin clearance rate;

2. Faster removal of melanin;

3. Refusing the risk of returning to its original form;

4. Dispelling spot and initiating repair mechanism at the same time;

5. Don't hurt normal tissue.

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