What are the advantages of dot matrix Laser Beauty Machine to scar?

- Jan 31, 2019-

Our skin is prone to scars due to trauma, and scars make people feel that the skin is ugly, affecting the basic appearance of the image, and bringing people a psychological burden. The removal of scars is not easy. People have tried a variety of scarring methods but the effect is not good. They all say that the Laser Beauty Machine has a good scar effect. What are the advantages of the Laser Beauty Machine?

Scarring is a very popular method nowadays. Non-surgical scarring is relatively safer and more effective. The dot matrix Laser Beauty Machine uses a laser technology that gathers together, after nearly 100 evenly placed micro-laser pixels, and then a high-energy micro-laser acts on the skin to arrange the skin to be re-arranged. Start the regeneration and repair function, through the laser stripping process of the epidermis, help remove the superficial scars, and continuously stimulate the proliferation of collagen, so that normal skin as a heat diffusion area, use undamaged tissue to heal, then reach Safely heal the results of removing scars. The advantages of the dot matrix Laser Beauty Machine are:

1, safe to scar. When the dot matrix Laser Beauty Machine laser treats scars, it will not show the huge reaction of traditional laser to scar, such as redness, severe pain, great skin reaction, etc., and use the focal micro-pixel pulse to apply to scar skin, no scars. Normal skin acts as a heat sink and then relieves skin resounding.

2, comfortable to scar. In the whole process of dot laser treatment of scars, patients who remove scars will not feel much pain. The laser of the Laser Beauty Machine laser is softer, more uniform and more stable, so it is called non-invasive skin by the medical community. Usually, a dot laser can remove the scars in just 40 minutes, and the action time is short and the recovery is faster.

3, lead to scars. When the dot matrix Laser Machine laser removes scars, each pulsed laser beam is composed of hundreds of micro-laser pulses, and each microlaser has a spot area of only tens of square nanometers. It is one-tenth or even one-hundredth of the traditional laser. Therefore, the laser of the dot matrix is more precise, the illumination is more uniform, the effect is more obvious, and the skill is more advanced.