You know how much the Diode Laser Machine

- Feb 15, 2019-

Once people pass the age of 25, their skin begins to age in different degrees. In this contemporary environment, our skin can appear the premature decline of different level, the skin that bears the brunt on the face is eye week, flabby with fine grain already began to trouble more and more young person. In the aging process, the role of the skin care products we use is a drop in the ocean, so how can we improve our aging face? Bond Laser Machine should be selected to achieve anti - aging effect.

Bond Laser Machine is a type of traditional Laser. However, due to the absence of dot matrix mode, it should be at a relatively long recovery time. Bond Laser Machine (bond bond Machine) is a type of Laser (or dot-matrix) that should be visible at all times. Dot - array laser technology is one of the most popular cosmetic technologies in skin and plastic surgery.

Lattice Diode Laser Machine Laser tissue can be heated to above 100 ℃, in the water in a moment acting on the vaporization and different depth of dermis, epidermis skin make skin produces vaporization. Due to its peak power is big, cause the damage with small, vaporize accurately, light damage to the surrounding tissues, Laser wounds can be healed in 3 ~ 5 days, at the same time cause pigmentation or pigment decreased complications such as less likely, improved the Diode Laser Machine Laser adverse reactions of lattice mode is bigger (scar, erythema, recovery time is long, etc.) and the effect is not obvious, showing a good therapeutic effect.