SMQ-NYC3 is also an Intensive Pulse Light (IPL) treatment therapeutic machine in a vertical type. SMQ-NYC3 is Sincoheren's third generation of Intensive Pulse Light therapeutic machine. SMQ-NYC3 has a 10.4-inch touch panel controller, a user-friendly multi-language operating system. With the adoption of perfect pulse technology, stable and even output of the energy can be easily realized. The standard configuration of this machine contains an HR handle piece with big size light spot and an SR handle piece with small size light spot.
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SMQ-NYC3 Is Also An Intensive Pulse Light (IPL) Treatment Therapeutic Machine In A Vertical Type.

SMQ-NYC3 Is Sincoheren's Third Generation Of Intensive Pulse Light Therapeutic Machine.

SMQ-NYC3 Has A 10.4-Inch Touch Panel Controller, A User-Friendly Multi-Language Operating System.

With The Adoption Of Perfect Pulse Technology, Stable And Even Output Of The Energy Can Be Easily Realized.

The Standard Configuration Of This Machine Contains An HR Handle Piece With Big Size Light Spot And An SR Handle Piece

With Small Size Light Spot.


Treatment Modes In Details

* Traditional IPL- Hair Removal In Fixed Point

  Suitable To A Few Hairs In General Degree Of Thickness;

  Single Treatment In Fixed Point;

  High Energy Precisely Breaks Hair Follicles;

  Remarkable Hair Removal Effects;

* Fly Point Mode- Hair Removal With Fly Point

  Focus On Small And Sensitive Body Parts, Such As Upper Lip, Hairline, And Preauricular Parts.

  Hair Removal With Fly Point Helps Achieve Better, Precise And Complete Hair Removal Effects With Pulse Strings, 

  Particularly Effective In The Removal Of Tiny Hairs.

* Supper Hair Removal-Freezing Point Hair Removal

  Targeted On Large-Sized And Parts, Such As Extremities, Trunk, Oxter, Beard Without Pains;

  Fast, Easy, And Simple To Operate.

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How It Works

* During The Pulses, Light Energy Is Delivered

* During The Delays, The Tissue Cools

* More Energy Is Safely Delivered To The Target

What It Does

* Multiple-Sequential Pulsing Allows For Cooling Between Pulses, To Safely Remove Hair On Darker Skin And 

Reduce The Chance Of Skin Damage In Vascular And Pigmented Lesion Treatment. 


Products Advantages

* 10.4 Inch Touch Screen Combined Traetment Modes Of IPL&FP&SHR 

* Multi-Languages Design User-Friendly Operation

* Smart And Delicate Super Cooling Precise Energy Control

* Optimal Pulse Technology 20,000W IPL High Power Discharge Frequency< 5%.

* Reserved USB Upgrade Interface.

* Optional Network Management.


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