1200v Big Power And Handle Screen Monitor Diode Hair Removal Laser

Permenant hair removal big power medical and beauty treatment mode Big screen Medical gradeed material made
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3 modules: SDL-K / SDL-Kplus / SDL-Kpro come into public simultaneously;

3 powers to be selected: 800W/1000W/1200W;

Dual system: medical version+aesthetic version for intelligent hair removal;

2 super light spot sizes to be selected: 12×16mm² and 12×20mm²;

Light condition and treatment parameter can be displayed on the color LCD screen of the handle; Multi-wavelengths can be selected: 808nm/755nm/1064nm/3 in 1;

Sapphire freezing point refrigeration, protect the skin continuosly in great effective way;

German pump, the water velocity is faster than 4.2L/min;

Diode laser bar is imported from American Coherent, with the lifetime of 30 million shoots;

12.1 inches resistive touch screen, perfect interactive experience;

Super strong water cooling module with 6 thermoelectron coolers (TEC) for refrigeration, the water temperature does not exceed 30℃;

Continuous working time for 8 hours;

SHR laser hair removal, painless, fast and permanent effect.


Module                        SDL-K/SDL-Kplus/SDL-Kpro
 Version                       Basic/Strength/Professional
Code                            1H10/1H11/1H12
Laser power                 800W/1000W/1200W
Single laser bar power          100W×8100W×10100W×12
Light spot size                      12*16mm²/12*16mm²/12*16mm²/12*20mm²
Energy density                     1-60J/cm²1-70J/cm²1-80J/cm²1-60J/cm²
Pulse width                          5-240ms/5-220ms/5-200ms/5-200ms
Pulse frequency                   1Hz-10Hz
Laser wavelength                 808nm/ 755nm/ 1064nm/ 3 in 1

01-手柄6Outlook display:

12.1 inches resistive touch screen, achieving better visual perception;
Humanized human-computer interaction interface, perfect interaction experience;
Aluminum alloy brushed metal panel, metallic texture;
Dual-axis flip-screen design, multi-angle adjustment;
Metal plate chassis, environmentally friendly and durable;
The main contour is designed in medical white, the cover slab is in dark gray, which is very good looking. Aluminum

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