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Type of light source: Diode Laser Wavelength: 808nm Security category: Class l Pulse width: 5-400ms Frequency: Up to 10Hz Spot size: 14mm*12nm Energy density: Maximum 120J/CM2 Cooling System: Sapphire Power: 1300VA Viltage: 230VAC,50-60Hz Dimension: 470mm*470mm*1050mm Net: 40Kg
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Water Injection Prepare 3 liters of distilled water or pure water. Please plug the funnel with CPC water nozzle into the water inlet socket, which is located on the back of the equipment in an unpowered condition. Add distilled water or pure water into the box and observe water level indicator on the side of equipment. Make sure the water is not above the maximum water level. When the system begins operation, please keep observing water level indicator. If the water level is lowered, it is suggested to add more water, make sure the water is above the RE-FILL water level. Plug treatment handpiece, connect power wire and start the equipment and keep the water way operating for 1 minute. After the completing water injection, please unplug funnel with CPC water nozzle. Attention: press down the aluminum flake of CPC water nozzle, then the funnel with CPC water nozzle can be unplugged easily. The water block shall be installed into vent when equipment is in transporting with water infilled. The water block can be unplugged by inward pressing. It is advisable to change water once a month. With the function of water flow testing, this equipment will continuously give an alarm if water in tank is insufficient or air is existing in water circulation. As a consequence, alarm releasing is a normal phenomenon if water flow test fails because a little air in the waterway may not be completely discharged for the first time of water adding or changing. All you need to do is to reset the device for 3 to 5 times till all air entirely emitted from waterway. The alarm will then be relieved.





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