Laser Diode hair removal pain free

The diode laser system can emit a laser light of 808nm wavelength. It can be absorbed by the melanin located in the hair follicle, so as to destroy the hair follicle. The hair shaft can also absorb the energy from laser lights, so as to be destroyed and gasified. Then the unwanted hair can be removed completely and permanently.
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diode laser hair removal

The System use special laser with long Pulse-Width 808nm, can penetrate to the hair follicle. Using selective light absorption theory, the laser can be preferentially absorbed by the melanin of the hair and then heating the hair shaft and hair follicle, moreover to destroy the hair follicle and oxygen organization around the hair follicle. When laser outputs, a system with special cooling technology, cool the skin and protect skin from being hurt and reach a very safe and comfortable treatment!


diode laser hair removal

Rapid, painless treatment
Effective hair removal is complete and permanent. 
Easy operation
Suitable for all hair colors and skin types
Optimized User Interface
Patented unchill cooling
Handle and footswitch padel available

Razorlaser Advantages

diode laser hair removal

1. In order to minimize the uncomfortable feeling of thermal damage to the surrounding tissues, an efficient skin-cooling system, (sapphire contact cooling tip) was used to chill the skin before, during and after the whole treatment course. Therefore, 808nm diode laser permanent hair removal is more effective in treating dark skin. 
2. The laser bars are imported from Germany Jenoptic. In combination with the STM32 intelligent system, the system output stable wavelength laser beam. 
3. Long laser pulse width
Laser pulse duration is 20ms to 1000ms adjustable, which treats different hair effectively and permanently. 
4. The medical level power supply imported from Japan is used in the system. As the core of the system, it has a world-leading security design and abundant drive capability. 
5. Sapphire touch cooling system guarantees more safe and harmless treatment. 
This kind of cooling system ensures maximum energy is used without hurting skin, a more safe, touch cooling system of "Terminator Hair Removal System "can make sure that even doctors use the maximum energy, it will not hurt skin. 
This kind of cooling system can make sure that no hurt to the skin when patients are given more pressure. As reported, the pressure can increase by 30%-40% light.  

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diode laser hair removal

Laser Type
Diode laser
Pulse Width
Spot Size
10*12mm(12*16mm optional)
Net weight


diode laser hair removal

1. It's FDA, CE, TUV, TGA approved. So the quality shouldn't be a concern.

2. The best made in Germany laser bar, which has 300 million shots for the lifetime, very reliable.

3. The best made in America water pump, pretty efficient.

4. The best made in Japan power supply, which assures a stable operation.

5. The best made in Germany waterpipe,  medical level materials.

6. Intelligent Self-checking system, more convenient for checking.

7. 10.4 inches quick react screen, with 6 languages

8. ODM / OEM services are available
9. Complete after-sales services, such as training, marketing, repairing and other consultations.



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