Fast hair removal ipl shr laser

Precipulse IPL therapy system holds a wavelength from 420nmto 120nm. Different wavelengths adopted in treatment based on clinical requirements. There are many hair removal modes: IPL, SHR and FP are available. Among them, SHR is a rapid hair removal mode, which can slide over a large area, greatly reducing the hair removal time and reducing the burden on the operator.

Product Details

Multi-Functions HR/SR Hand Pieces IPL Beauty Equipments for Hair Removal


Hair removal completely and permanently

Skin rejuvenation

Ance removal

Freckle removal

Vascular removal

Removal of pigmentations, age spots, sun spots, etc.


1. PreciPulse, accurate energy output(deviation<5%)

2. 3 treatment heads:HR; SR; VR(Optional)

3. 3 treatment modes, traditional IPL, FP(FIY POINTS) mode, SHR mode for different diseases.

4. 3000W IPL power supply system, discharge frequency 1HZ

5. Mini and delicate treatment handpiece, easy to operation

6. TDK-Lambda switching power supply system

USB reserved connector future upgrading

2 (1)

HR treatment handle:

IPL light sources gently remove unwanted hair based on the principal of 'Selective Photo thermolysis'. This refers to the process whereby the characteristics of the light energy including wavelength and pulse duration are optimized to selectively cause thermal injury to the hair follicle without injuring the surrounding tissue. The light penetrates through the skin and is absorbed in the target pigment (melanin) found in the hair shaft. This causes the temperature to reach a sufficiently high level in the hair follicle so that the targeted hair structures are destroyed and regrowth is inhibited.

SR treatment handle:

The System emits Multiple-wavelength, intense pulse, and broad-spectrum photon-current. It can permeate the cuticle to the derma and take effect on the abnormal pigment and vessel such target tissues to break the abnormal pigment cells, close the abnormal blood vessels, stimulate the proliferation of collagen and improving the rearrangement of elastic fibers, finally achieving the purpose of pigment removal, skin rejuvenation.


This is the newest Preci Pulse IPL SHR has good results for hair removal, lightening blotchy pigmentation, shrinking blood vessels, stimulating collagen, rejuvenate collegan, sun spots, Freckles eliminating, skin whitening, rosacea, etc...
It's for many areas of skin such as the face, neck, hands, and body ...

* FDA cleared for skin types(I-V) and tanned skin.
* Powerful TDK-Lambda switching IPL power supply system combines with intelligent make sure precise, accurate energy outputting
* Excellent skin contact cooling make the treatment safety, virtually painless and comfortable
* Professional System, UI Flat design, pre-set clinical parameters for different skin type and different body parts, easy to operation
* 2 standard design handpiece: SR(skin rejuvenation)560nm-1200nm and HR(Hair removal)690nm-1200nm; 

  1 optional handpiece: VR(Vascular removal)420nm-1200nm
* 3 hair removal treatment modes: traditional IPL mode, FP (FlY POINTS) mode and SHR mode for different diseases
(FP mode is that one pulse was divided into a series of pulses, it is more accurate and effective especially for thin hairs, More comfortable treatment experience on small sensitive areas will be realized; SHR is able to output 10 shots at 1 second and make treatment movable and fast)
* The handpiece is smart, light, handy and delicate, the operator will not feel so tired of long treatment,
* USB reserved connector for future upgrading





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