CO2 Fractional Laser Streck Marks Machine

Fractional resurfacing is a new modality for laser treatment that creates numerous microscopic thermal injury zones with controlled width, depth, and density that are surrounded by a reservoir of spared epidermal and dermal tissue, allowing for rapid repair of laser induced thermal injury.
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The model of the CO2 laser therapy system is Monaliza-5. Its power is 30W, and the wavelength is 10.6µm ±0.1µm. It is a multifunctional and comprehensive therapy system that includes surgical handpieces, scan handpieces, and gynecology handpieces. It is mainly used for cutting, burning, vaporizing, coagulation, and irradiation of human tissues to remove benign pigmented nevus, benign neoplasm on the skin surface, and improve all kinds of scars. It can also treat gynecological diseases such as genital atrophy, vaginal relaxation, vaginal dryness, stress urinary incontinence, etc. This instrument belongs to Class IV laser and has a relatively high level of danger. Improper use may cause irreversible trauma. Therefore, not only it requires systemically trained medical practitioners to operate, but also the people are familiar with the functions and methods of use of the instrument.


Laser TypeRF-excited CO2 laser
Wavelength10.6 µm
Laser Average PowerCW:0-30W SP:0-15W
Laser Peak PowerCW:30W SP:60W
HandpiecesSurgical Handpieces (f50mm, f100mm)
Scan Handpieces (f50mm, f100mm)
Gynecology Handpieces (f127mm)
Spot Size0.5mm
Scan ShapesCircular / Ellipse / Square / Triangle / Hexagon
Scan SizeUp to 20mmx20mm
LCD Screen12.1 inch
Aiming Beam635 nm,<5mW
Electrical100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz, 800VA 
Dimensions (LxWxH)460mmx430mmx1170mm(not including the articulated arm)
Net Weight40kg


How to assess the treatment efficacy?

Intravaginal treatment is mainly used for Laser Vaginal Tightening, vaginal dryness, etc. At present, there are no specific criteria and detailed evaluation of therapeutic effects. It is dependent on more and more related medical research to develop a standard quantitative reference.

It is currently based on the international FSFI(Female Sexual Function Index) to evaluate the efficacy of treatment.  This is a question and answer form. Its content mainly is self-evaluation of the patient's sexual function index.

The patient should come back for a second visit 48 hours, half a month, one month after treatment, and fill out the assessment question and answer to evaluate the effect of the treatment.

Some agencies set their own evaluation indicators, such as using a colposcope to observe the mucosal morphology, laboratory tests, rod-shaped test bar, etc.  But there is no widely accepted evaluation system. The patient's self-evaluation is still the most important judgment index of curative effect, the other as auxiliary. After all, the patient's satisfaction is top of the list. 

Areola treatment

The normal areola of the female is about 3~4cm in diameter, different people or period has a different color, rose red in puberty, deep pigmentation and dark brown in lactation. When the female areola turns black, it is usually due to cell aging and estrogen secretion, so that the deposition of melanin in the papillary epidermis, which is a healthy female sex trait. It does not necessarily mean that the body has a disease(maybe has a disease).

However, with the attention of modern women to the quality of life and the aesthetic requirements of breasts, areola "bleached red" has become more and more popular.

One way is to use a tattoo-like color and stab it into the dermis. Actually, it's equivalent to “areola tattoo”. This way is like tattoos, and the color will change over time. And tattoo color will be based on the individual skin color, which makes it more difficult to clean out by using a laser. It is difficult to remove clean.

Others use whitening products such as arbutin, Levo-vitamin C to apply the areola. It has a nourishing effect, but this just like whitening products for facial skin, the actual whitening effect is very limited.

The treatment of areola with fractional laser is actually the decomposition of pigment particles by the thermal effect of the laser. The ruddy effect will be produced after scab removal. The effect is to lighten the color of the areola. Adjusting the fractional pattern during treatment so that it does not exceed the areola range as far as possible.









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