CO2 Fractional Laser

Fractional Co2 laser is a revolutionary treatment, using a carbon dioxide laser to generate thousands of tiny holes in the surface of the skin. These remove the pigmentation and blemishes and tighten the skin removing lines and wrinkles.
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Product Details

FDA approved Co2 Fractional laser, FDA approved number K162398/ Medical CE/ TGA/ ISO13485 




1 pcs Scan head--for aging skin, wrinkles, skin pores improving, surgical scars, acne scars removal, sun damage spots pigment lesions.

2 pcs cutting heads--use for cutting warts, small skin tumors.

3 pcs gynecological therapy heads--for feminine health rejuvenation, including vaginal tightening, gynecological diseases stress urinary incontinence by changing head.

Advantages of Co2 Fractional laser machine

* FDA Approved

1. More Than 20 types Output patterns .The requirements of different patients can be satisfied.

2. Continuous, super pulse, fractional different Operation Modes, There is a wider use in clinical application.

3. Focal spot diameter and interval are adjustable. Patient's unique needs can be met during treatment.

4. The best USA RF laser tube, Stable performance, high effective, No consumable costs

5. Easy to disassemble the hand piece and hang in the machine 

6. Safety Protection with automatic alarm.

8. Easy and fast treatment, no down time.

9. No pigmentation and depigmentation of skin, not need extra consumable.






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