Fractional CO2 Laser

Fractional Co2 laser treatment is mainly used in general surgery, dermatology, gynecology, ENT, pediatrics, urology. It is mainly treated by cutting, burning, carbonization, gasification, hemostasis, etc. It is especially suitable for removing various wrinkles, acne and acne scars, postoperative scars, trauma scars, benign skin tumors, etc. after plastic surgery.
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Product Details

FDA CE TGA approved Beijing Sincoheren 

10600nm Co2 Fractional Laser 

for laser skin resurfacing & vaginal treatment & pigmentations/stretch marks removal 

FDA approved number K162398/ Medical CE/ TGA/ ISO13485

Working Principle:

The CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) Fractional Laser Resurfacing removes layers of skin tissue in a fractionated method (columns of skin are removed, leaving the skin surrounding each column intact to aid in healing) to help reduce "age-spots" (also called sun freckles, liver spots, and lentigines), fine lines, wrinkles, scarring, uneven coloration, skin laxity, textural irregularities, dull tone, and a thinned collagen layer of the face, neck, and chest.



1 pcs Scan head--for aging skin, wrinkles, skin pores improving, surgical scars, acne scars removal, sun damage spots pigment lesions.

2 pcs cutting heads--use for cutting warts, small skin tumors.

3 pcs gynecological therapy heads--for feminine health rejuvenation, including vaginal tightening, gynecological diseases stress urinary incontinence by changing head.









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