Infrared Thermometer Forehead Precise Dual Purpose Non-contact

It is a precise dual purpose non-contact infrared thermometer which comprises of 2 selection modes of measurement viz: Body: Body temperature (32°C ~ 42°C), ideally for forehead, body.
Scan: General measurement (-50°C ~ 260°C), suitable for household (surface temperature) or any general purpose.
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Infrared Thermometer Forehead precise dual purpose non-contact



1. Non-Contact and with a high accuracy of measurement.
2. Providing two temperature modes,Fahrenheit scale and Celsius scale, for selection.
3. Providing the function of sound notification of high body temperature.
4. Backlight LCD digital display.
5. Providing the function of saving the date and auto turn off.
6. Providing the function of auto selection the range, LCD display resolution:0.1 degree C(0.1 degree F).
7. Operating Temperature: 10 – 40 Degree Celsius, and do not put it in the environment temperature that under -20 Degree Celsius or obove 60 Degree Celsius.

1. Measurement accuracy: +/-0.3 degree C
2. Measuring distance: 5cm to 15cm
3. Body temperature range: 32.0 degree C – 42.5 degree C
4. Measurement time: 0.5s
5. Auto power off: 12s
6. Power: DC 3V 2 x AAA Batteries (not include)


Learn about these thermometers and how they work in this guide on infrared thermometers.

Non-Contact Infrared Forehead Thermometer, requires no skin contact, highly accurate measurements in seconds, integrated alarm sounds when raised body temperature is detected, +/- 0.4°F (0.2°C), auto shut-off after 30 seconds, pre-calibrated, commercial grade, 3 color backlight LCD, storage of last 10 readings, white, 95°F to 109.2°F temperature range

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