IPL NYC-3 SKIN Rejuvenation Treatment Machine

Precipulse IPL therapy system holds a wavelength from 420nmto 120nm. Different wavelengths adopted in treatment based on clinical requirements. There are many hair removal modes: IPL, SHR and FP are available. Among them, SHR is a rapid hair removal mode, which can slide over a large area, greatly reducing the hair removal time and reducing the burden on the operator.
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Multi-Functions HR/SR Hand Pieces IPL Beauty Equipments for Hair Removal

Name of the system: SQM-NYC-3 Typed Intense Pulsed Light Therapy Device. The

the device is applicable in skin treatment of sunburn damage, freckle, age pigment, tiny

wrinkle, angiotelectasis as well as in the removal of unnecessary hair. The mechanism of

treatment is based on light’s selective absorption effects. Controlled by the computer system,

the equipment is composed of the main console, control panel, and treatment Handpiece.

The operating and controlling parts are placed in the main console box. Built-in integrated

microcontroller consecutively monitoring the operation of equipment.

The controlling system consists of a 10.4-inch touch screen, key switch, and emergency shut

off knob etc. The screen displays system’s working mode, parameter, and times of light

spot treatment. Treatment Handpiece is composed of an intense light emitter, handle switch

and transmitting the system.

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