IPL SHR Permanent Hair Removal Treatment Machine

Precipulse IPL therapy system holds a wavelength from 420nmto 120nm. Different wavelengths adopted in treatment based on clinical requirements. There are many hair removal modes: IPL, SHR and FP are available. Among them, SHR is a rapid hair removal mode, which can slide over a large area, greatly reducing the hair removal time and reducing the burden on the operator.

Product Details

Multi-Functions HR/SR Hand Pieces IPL Beauty Equipments for Hair Removal

This equipment provides customers with various kinds of treatment Handpieces and treatment modes, which can be chosen after entering into the system.

Two Handpiece parameters allocated to this equipment are:

HR Treatment Handpiece: wavelength: 690~1200nm, light spot size: 16×57mm, 45J/cm2 

SR Treatment Handpiece: wavelength: 560~1200nm, light spot size: 8×34mm,40J/cm2 

VR Treatment Handpiece (optional): wavelength 420~1200nm, light spot size 8×34mm, 45J/cm2

You can choose appropriate Handpiece in the following interface based on treatment requirements. Three different treatment Handpieces are allocated: HR/SR/VR. Among them, HR and SR are standard configurations. Customers could choose HR and VR or buy all of them at one time accordingly. Please see 5.3 for the replacement and operation of the VR Handpiece.

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