Mini ND YAG Tattoo Removal

This mini ND:YAG machine is applicable for the treatment of freckles, traumatic pigmentation, eliminate tattoos, tattoo, eyeliner and other black, blue pigment lesions, and ect.

Product Details

Mini ND YAG Tattoo Removal Machine

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Treatment range

1.Q switch 1064nm wavelength of the laser: the treatment of freckles, traumatic pigmentation, eliminate tattoos, tattoo, eyeliner and other black, blue pigment lesions.

2.Q switch 532nm wavelength laser: the treatment of shallow coffee spots, eliminate tattoos, tattoo, eye liner and other red, green, purple pigment lesions.

3.Q switch 1032nm wavelength Aurora: Black doll.

Technical Parameters

Laser type

Q-Switched ND:Ya Laser


1064nm /532nm/1032nm

Output Energy

400 mj. – 1,600mj.

Pulse duration



1,2,3,4,5,6 HZ.


8 KG.

Spot diameter

1-6mm. (adjustable)

7mm.(fixed) For SR Head

Cooling System

Built-in water cooling system, and wind cooling system

Electrical requirement

230VAC  50Hz  500W


1. Does not destroy hair follicles, does not damage normal skin, does not produce scars

2. Instant blasting high-tech laser technology

3. Time is short, easy to learn

4. Laser in accordance with international standards of production, large-screen LCD display, the entire computer monitoring

5. Pain light, generally no anesthesia

6. Small response, quick recovery, does not affect the normal work and life

7. Pathogen wide, ultra-high, ultra-fast return on investment

8. Air-cooled and water-cooled combination to ensure that the cooling effect, support for a long time uninterrupted work

9.instant blasting high-tech laser technology, international standards of production, strict technical testing

10.easy and compact mobile special machine (travel bag configuration, easy to move, lucrative)

11.full English LCD screen, full computer monitoring, water temperature self-test alarm system

12.and treatment of pigmented skin lesions (cured mole, senile plaques, deep plaques, birthmarks, Ota nevus)

13.easy to wash out the three lines of the failure of the pen (wash blue black tattoo, red embroidered eyebrow, red drift lip, color tattoos)

14.the original imported gemstones Q-movement, painless eliminate, no worries after surgery (gem movement without replacement, green, without leaving scars)

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