MIXED LED Phototherapy Pigmentation

The MIXED LED Phototherapy Pigmentation is widely applied in hospital, beauty salon and so on.

Product Details

Product Description 

This kind of MIXED LED Phototherapy Pigmentation uses imported high-energy non-particle semiconductor solid-state cold light source LEDs for higher energy, better efficacy and longer use life. It uses an integrated light source design, eliminating the need to disassemble and replace the light source, and red and blue light can be easily changed by tapping the screen, greatly improving equipment efficiency and reducing the return on investment cycle. The high optical power density of the MIXED LED Phototherapy Pigmentation ensures the maximum photon energy absorption per unit area, and the irradiation energy is adjustable in multiple stages to meet the therapeutic needs of different patients and achieve excellent therapeutic effects. It adopts LCD large-screen operation interface design, continuous illumination and pulse irradiation mode are optional, and the treatment parameters are customized according to clinical requirements, which greatly improves the convenience of operation. The MIXED LED Phototherapy Pigmentation is widely applied in hospital, beauty salon and so on. 

Advantage of LED Photodynamic Therapy

  1. Offer one way to treat acne instead of antibiotic.

  2. Fast treatment, no any stimulation to skin, no photo sensitiveness, no any pain

  3. Quick effect, 8 time for one course

  4. Fast, safe, no heat effect, no side effect,


Product Applications:

  1. Improve acne, acne marks and folliculitis.

  2. Improve red streaks, acne rosacea, stolid.

  3. Improve wrinkles, fine lines and skin relaxation.

  4. Improve pore bulky, rough skin and skin color grey.

  5. Repairing the damaged and replanted skin.

  6. Repairing the sequelae of burns, blisters, pigmentation Recovery of facial neuropathy.

  7. Elimination of fatigue, relieve stress, improve sleeping quality.


LED Photodynamic Therapy

Arm Qualities 

LED Phototherapy Parts Wrinkle Removal

Rotation and Scope Flexibility:

  • Treatment head by special connector can be fixed and achieve the function of electrical connection,more             convenient and quick to change

  • Our LED Panel can turned 90 degrees.

  • Our LED Panel adapts to the height by allowing up and down movement by 27cm freely



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