ND YAG Laser Machine-EX-Q Laser Techonology

ND YAG Laser Machine-EX-Q Laser Q-switched Nd:yag laser makes the peak power increase, with the characteristics of high strength and low energy. When 1064nm laser passes through a KTP crystal, the frequency-doubled effect is obtained and the 532 nm laser is produced. • The wavelength of 1064nm can be well absorbed by melanin, which selectively makes small heat-absorbing particles (tattoo ink, melanin, etc.) suddenly heated and damaged. Meanwhile, it does not damage the surrounding tissues and has a good effect on the deep blue and melanin lesions, such as naevus fusconceruleus, nevus of Ota, bad tattoo, tattoo eyebrow. However, the curative effect on epidermal pigmented diseases is poor
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Product Details

ND YAG Laser Machine


*12 Inch Intuitive Full Size Touch Screen 

*Virtually Flat Top Beam For Minimal Side Effects 
*Real-Time Energy Monitor & Auto-Calibration System
*Pulse Width Down To 5ns As Lutronic, Alma Laser And Luminues 
*Adjustable Spot Size 2-10mm 
*Water Filtration System 
*Self-Testing System For Online Trouble Shooting 


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