ExQ-Laser™ Tatoo Removal ND Yag Laser

ExQ-Laser is newly released Q-Switched Nd:YAG laser therapy system.The system has an optimal clinical treatment effect with following parameter designs:dual-wavelength switching of 1064nm&532nm,pulse width short to 5ns and Energy output up to 1000mJ. ExQ-Laser integrated with real-time energy monitor,energy auto-changing by adjustable handpiece,water filtration system,sufficiently guarantee the safety and effciency during using.New UI designs focuse on user experience,make the operation simpler and more convenient. ExQ-Laser is safety and reliable with excellent performance,has successively achieved Certificates from CFDA,Medical CE and Australian TGA.Its unique designs also earn multiple global patents. Advantages: Two stages Nd:YAG laser system with electro-optic Q-Switched technology,which output higher energy.The designs adopt cavity optimozed schedule,make the pulse width as short as 5ns,get doubled output power density under the same energy. Integrated laser edergy monitor system inside,set warning signal when energy deviation over threshold,all to ensure treatment effectiveness and safety. Seven joints optical articulated arm with adjustable handpiece,spots size setting from 2 to 10mm.The energy synchronously changer following the setting spot size. Flat-top beam output,uniformly distributed spot energy without any heat point,Achieve better treatment effect and less injurier. ​WHATSAPP:008617324001611 EMAIL:director@sincoherengroup.com
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Product Details

ND YAG Laser Machine——EX-Q Laser


*12 Inch Intuitive Full Size Touch Screen 

*Virtually Flat Top Beam For Minimal Side Effects 
*Real-Time Energy Monitor & Auto-Calibration System
*Pulse Width Down To 5ns As Lutronic, Alma Laser And Luminues 
*Adjustable Spot Size 2-10mm 
*Water Filtration System 
*Self-Testing System For Online Trouble Shooting 

Clinical Indication Of NdYag Laser

1.Melasma/HyperpigmenatonLentignos/Speckle/Tattoo Removal etc.

2.Carbon peeling skin rejuvenation

3.Port wine birthdaymarks/Spider angio-ma/Cherry angioma Spider nevi etc.

Balance uneven skin tones/Shrink pores

WHATSAPP:008617324001611 EMAIL:director@sincoherengroup.com

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