Mini Q-Switch Tatoo Removal Machine

Laser energy generated by Nd: YAG laser can be fully absorbed by melanin, and the melanin expands quickly and breaks into particles tiny enough to be metabolized by the lymphatic system, coagulated out of the body. Tattoo or other pigmentation will be removed without damaging normal tissue.
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Sincoheren most popular nd yag laser / tattoo removal machine/mini nd yag laser tattoo removal 








Laser type

Q-Switched ND:YAG


1064nm /532nm/1320nm

Output Energy

100 mj – 2,000mj



Pulse duration


Spot diameter

1-6mm ( adjustable) 7mm( fixed) for SR headle

Cooling System

Built-in water cooling system, and wind cooling

Electrical requirement

230VAC 50Hz 500W



Working Theory

Utilizing the explosive effect of the Nd:YAG Laser, the laser lights permeate through the epidermis into dermis and take effects on pigment mass. The laser energy is absorbed by the pigment. Since the laser pulse width is extremely short in nanosecond and comes with super high energy, the pigment mass will swell quickly break to small pieces, which will be eliminated by body circulation system. Then the pigments become lighter gradually and finally disappear.


Function introduction

I. Q-Switch Nd:YAG laser outputs two giant pulse wavelengths, 1064nm,532nm and 1320nm.

II. Mainly used for skin pigmented lesion, dermis pigmented lesion, tattoo removal....

III. 1064nm has strong penetrability and can reach the melanocytes and black/bule dye particle in the deep skin, this wavelength is be appropriate for the dermis pigmentary lesions,such as nevus of ota etc... and dark tattoo, tattoo eyeline, tattoo eyebrow...

IV. 532nm is easily absorbed by melanin, so the this wavelength has shallow penetrability, can be used for hyperpigmentation such as birthmark, café aulait macules,ephelide,age pigment: and 532nm wavelength also can be strongly absorbed by red pigment, so it is effective for red tattoos or tattoo lips.

V.SR head for 1320nm together with the carbon cream for black doll treatment.effective for skin whitening,skin rejuvenation.


laser wavelength function

01. 532nm wavelength: get rid of freckles, eyebrow tatoo failed eye line tattoo, tattoo lips line, pigmenttelangiectasia in shallow red, brown and pink and etc. light color

02. 1064nm wavelength: get rid of freckles and yellow brown spot eyebrow tatoo, fled eye line tattoo, tattooBirthmark and Nevus of Ota, pigmentation and age spot nevus in black and blue, scarlet red, deep coffeeand etc. deep color

03. 1320nm wavelength: shrink pores removal, poblackhead removal, skin tightening and whitening skinrejuvenation, wrinkle removal





Advantage of M4C Tatoo Remaval Machine

1. Using the world's most advanced ABS insulation material, anti-interference capability, and a more stable unit

2. Mini Laser adopts magnetic pump instead of the immiscible pump.

3. Double-band free conditioning.

4. Water temperature detection, water temperature can be set free, when the water temperature is too high, and automatically stop working

5. Flow testing, when the flow is too small or stops, equipment will automatically withdraw from the work of state

6. As for the hand pieces. There are 3 hand pieces for M4C Mini Laser: 532nm, 1064 nm and SR hand piece 1320nm filter

7. Instruction light: net imports of infrared indicator to spot more accurate treatment has greatly enhanced point utilization, and cost saving


All kinds of tattoo removal 



Pigmentation Removal such as freckle, sun spots


Carbon Peeling to make skin whitening, pore shrinking





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