532nm and 1064nm Nd Yag Q Switched

How does it work? --- ExQ-Laser Principle of Treatment Treatment principle for pigmented dermatosis of Q-Switched Nd: YAG Laser. The therapy system lies in selective photothermolysis with melanin as the chromophore. Q-Switched Nd: YAG has a higher Peak power and nanoseconds-level pulse width. Melanin in melanophore and cuticle formed cells have a short hot relaxation time. It could immediately make small selectively energy absorbed granules (tattoo pigment and melanin) blast without injuring surrounded normal tissues. The blasted pigment granules will be excreted from the body through the circulatory system.
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Q-Switched Nd YAG

The machine utilizing the explosive effect of the ND: YAG LASER, the laser permeates the epidermis into the dermis and takes effect on pigment mass and is absorbed by pigment. Since the laser pulses is extremely short in a nanosecond and come with super high energy, the pigment mass would swell quickly and break into small pieces, which will be eliminated through metabolism. In this case, the pigments become lighter gradually and finally disappear.


Q-Switched Nd YAG

Laser Type Single-pulseDouble pulseLong pulse
1064nm energy100-600MJ100-1200MJ100-1000MJ
532nm energy100-300MJ100-600MJ/
Pulse duration6ns±1ns6ns±1ns200us
Spot size2-10mm continuously adjustable, error less than ±20%
Power supply110-240VAC, 50-60Hz
Aiming beam635nm,<5mW
The total weight(include the articulated arm)<80kg
Dimensions (without the articulated arm, Width*Length*Height)370 mm *957 mm*992 mm


Q-Switched Nd YAG

1. FDA, CE, TGA, TUV cleared, this is a quality confirmation.

2. Two Nd YAG laser system with electro-optic Q-switched technology, which output higher energy. The designs adopt cavity optimized schedule, make the pulse width as short as 5 ns, get doubled output power density under the same energy.

3. Integrated energy monitor system inside, set warning system when energy deviation over the threshold, all to ensure treatment effectiveness and safety.

4. Seven joints optical arm with the adjustable handpiece, spot size set from 2mm to 10mm. The energy synchronously changes following the setting spot size.

5.  Flat-top beam output, uniformly distributed spot energy without any heat point, Achieve better treatment effect and fewer injuries.


Q-Switched Nd YAG

Red-brown ink tattoo removal

red tattoo

Blue-green black ink tattoos removal

dark tattoo

Freckles removal


Sun Spots Removal

sun spots

Age Spot Removal

age spots

Carbon Laser Facial

carbon facial

Laser Nail Fungus

funga nails


Q-Switched Nd YAG

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