ND YAG Laser Laser Machine

This kind of ND YAG Pigment Removal Machine adopts advanced technology. The focused phototherapy head is precision-made with synthetic diamond, and the energy passes through the mirror. The energy loss after refraction is low, which greatly enhances the effect of phototherapy. The laser from the imported light guide arm can break the surface skin melanin and reach the deeper layers of the skin. The emergency switch of the ND YAG Pigment Removal Machine is designed with a red rotation to allow the user to clearly see where the switch is located for ease of use. It has a vent on the back that removes excess heat to protect the instrument for long periods of time. What’s more, it has the advantages of compact structure, simple operation, high accuracy, low failure rate, low maintenance costs as well as long use life. The ND YAG Pigment Removal Machine wins a good reputation among the customers due to excellent performance.
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Product Details

ND YAG Laser machine


Our Advantages:

1. Flat-top hat Beam

2. 7 joint articulate arm &10.4 touch display

3. Real-time energy monitor& Auto-Cali-bration System

4. Energy density is automatically adjustedwith spot size

5. Short pulse duration 5ns

6. Adjustable spot size 2-10mm

7. Stable power supply with High peak power

8. Water Filtration System

9. FDA and Medical CE Approved

Safest method of melsma/melain/tattoo removal

Painless treatment

Low Scarring

Minimal Recovery

Clinical Indication Of NdYag Laser

1.Melasma/HyperpigmenatonLentignos/Speckle/Tattoo Removal etc.

2.Carbon peeling skin rejuvenation

3.Port wine birthdaymarks/Spider angio-ma/Cherry angioma Spider nevi etc.

Balance uneven skin tones/Shrink pores


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