Tattoo Removal Laser Machine Black Doll Laser Q Switched Nd Yag Laser Tattoo Removal And Pigmentations

Sincoheren professional and medical device picosecond ND YAG laser with tuv medical CE and US 510K , korea imported articular arm , USA laser device , 1064nm 532nm laser wavelength,for tattoo removal, carbon peeling, pigment removal, melasma, mole, nevus . instant effect 2021 US 510 Approved...
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Sincoheren professional and medical device picosecond ND YAG laser with tuv medical CE and US 510K, korea imported articular arm USA laser device, 1064nm 532nm laser wavelength,for tattoo removal, carbon peeling, pigment removal, melasma, mole, nevus. instant effect 2021 US 510 Approved PICO Sure Tattoo Remvoal ND Yag Laser 532nm 1064nm pico laser / picosecond laser
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Principle of Treatment

Treatment principle for pigmented dermatosis of picosecond laser  Therapy system lies in selective photothermolysis with melanin as the chromophore picosecond laser has higher Peak power and nanoseconds-level pulse width. 
Melanin in melanophore and cuticle formed cells have a short hot relaxation time. It could immediately make small selectively energy absorbed granules (tattoo pigment and melanin) blast without injuring surrounded normal tissues. The blasted pigment granules will be excreted from body through circulatory system


1.Melasma/Hyperpigmentation/ lentiginos / Speckle/Tattoo Removal etc.

2.Port wine birthmarks /elangiectasias /Spider angioma /Cherry angioma Spider nevi  etc.

3.Carbon peeling treatment

4.Skin rejuvenation /Balance uneven skin tones /Shrink pore 

Our Advantages

1. Real picosecond technology, pulse width 350P, better treatment effect, less pain , and lower side effects of treatment 2. The energy is up to 3000mj, ensuring effective removal of pigments of different colors and depths 3. Xenon lamp, made in UK, long life and stable energy output 4. Laser crystal rod 8mm, the thickest model in China, with stable performance and good conductivity 5. power supply 2000W, made in USA, to ensure sufficient power supply 6. Smaller divergence angle: 3mrad, avoid polarized light, ensure effective light source output, and good treatment effect 7. Intelligent temperature control, air cooling + water cooling + semiconductor refrigeration, a powerful refrigeration system to ensure the maximum laser life 8. The size of the light spot is adjustable, 1-10mm, suitable for the treatment of different parts, which can ensure rapid treatment 9. 7-section light guide arm, made in Korea, easy to operate

 Before and After

Treatment Result
Product Paramenters
 920*500*780mm  not including joints arm
Wastage power
220V, 10A
Output mode
 Q-switch Pulsed output
1064nm, 532nm
Single Pulse energy
 ≥250mJ  (200-1000mj continuely)
Cooling system
 Water cooling
Work mode
 Continually work with intervals
Spot Size
Continually adjustable
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