OPT SHR IPL Hiar Removal Machine

Precipulse IPL therapy system holds a wavelength from 420nmto 120nm. Different wavelengths adopted in treatment based on clinical requirements. There are many hair removal modes: IPL, SHR and FP are available. Among them, SHR is a rapid hair removal mode, which can slide over a large area, greatly reducing the hair removal time and reducing the burden on the operator.
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Multi-Functions HR/SR Hand Pieces IPL Beauty Equipments for Hair Removal

Are IPL devices safe?

IPL-based technology is generally considered a safe procedure as potentially harmful ultraviolet radiation is typically filtered by blocking wavelengths below 500 nm, although there are unwanted effects associated with the treatment


Hair removal completely and permanently

Skin rejuvenation

Ance removal

Freckle removal

Vascular removal

Removal of pigmentations, age spots, sun spots, etc.


1. PreciPulse, accurate energy output(deviation<5%)

2. 3 treatment heads:HR; SR; VR(Optional)

3. 3 treatment modes, traditional IPL, FP(FIY POINTS) mode, SHR mode for different diseases.

4. 3000W IPL power supply system, discharge frequency 1HZ

5. Mini and delicate treatment handpiece, easy to operation

6. TDK-Lambda switching power supply system

USB reserved connector future upgrading

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How is IPL used to treat benign vascular lesions?

Aging, sun exposure, and other factors can cause the appearance of broken capillaries and blood vessels on the face known as telangiectasias, which appear as spider veins. Sometimes broken capillaries can cause a diffused redness in the skin, called erythema, a source of social embarrassment for many people. Rosacea is a common skin condition that is characterized by diffused erythema. All of these conditions respond well to IPL.

For unsightly veins on the legs, both IPL and Nd: YAG laser technologies together are capable of addressing these lesions. During treatment, Intense Pulsed Light or laser light is absorbed by the blood in these small veins, heating and destroying the vessels. Over time the destroyed veins are reabsorbed and disappear.

The first layer is a 10.4-inch display screen, which is the display unit of the NYC-3 intense pulse light therapy device.

The second layer includes IPL control board, AC contactor, 5V switching power supply (CUS 100M-5) and 15V switching power supply (MPS-65-15), in which 5V switching power output 5V to the IPL-2000W power supply, 15V switching power supply output 15V to IPL control board and IPL-2000W power supply, and one output for five-tier fan power supply.

The third layer is the IPL-2000W power supply. It mainly provides instantaneous high current for the xenon lamp with the perfect pulse way to produce a strong pulse light.

The fourth layer contains four energy storage capacitors and some waterway-related devices, including water tank, pump, condenser, condenser fan, pump fan and some water channel pipelines.






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