IPL Photofacial Targets Pigment Issues Treatment Laser

The latest technology of IPL-----SHR is the development of our third-generation of intelligent pulse light treatment systems, using OPT-perfect pulse technology. Several different treatments combine together with different mode to meet customers' demand.

Product Details

Work Theory

Preci-pulse IPL Therapy System follows selective photothermolysis principle. A certain wavelength that can be used in and absorbed by targeted tissues. Targeted tissues will be destroyed according to targeted chromophores' selective absorption to light. What's more, the pulse width shall be smaller than or equal to targeted tissues' thermal relaxation time, then its damage to surrounding tissues will be minimized because of insufficient time for heat delivery.



1.Hair removal competely and permanently

2.Skin rejuvenation

3.Acne removal

4.Freckle removal

5.Vascular removal

6.Removal of pigmentations, age spots, sun spots, etc


Light sourceXenon lamp
SpectrumHR 690-1200nm SR 560-1200nm
Pulse duration20-149.7ms
Pulse Sequence2 or 3 Pulses
Energy density20-50J/cm²
Spot size16×57 mm for HR 8×34 mm for SR
Cooling system

Semiconductor cooling, Built-in water cooling and air cooling

Contact skin cooling technology

Electrical requirement 230VAC 50Hz 1200W
Dimension(W×D×H)46cm*75cm *40cm
Net Weight36kg

Detailed Images

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