Arriving Of New Machines

- Dec 04, 2019-

We keep improving and developing new machine for provide are costumer all around the world the best and hihg experience whenever they use our equipment. Sincoheren has always been well know for their High Quality Product the Costumers than others companies in China. 

Our Techonologies in Laser ( Diode Laser, C02 Laser, Tatoo removal Yag Laser).

Our best machines for Face and Body lifting (HIFU I, HUFU II, & III, HIFU 4D) we have the best a multi fuctional desing the provide more flexibility to our costumer, it calls (4D HIFU 3 in One) it has all the tools for do lifting and tightenig for every part of the body (Face rejuvenation, Body Sculping, Vaginal tightening.


We have also improve Our RF Machine for Facelifting and Body scuplting, now opur technology provy the most effecient and deep treatment with now risk of injury and with the comfortable treatment.

skin tightening lip lifting Machine

Our best Machines for Lossing weigth has also innovated now we have KUMA SHAPE X that come with RF and Two working Handle that are suitable for apply the treatment for any part of the  body is comfortable and easy to use!

Kuma Shape