Laser Beauty Machine Choice, The Key You Need To Know

- Mar 15, 2019-

One of the hottest projects in a beauty salon is hair removal. How to develop a hair removal project? We need to know a few points:

Permanent, comfortable, safe, convenient and stable

First, the permanent effect:

Laser Beauty Machine hair removal is based on the principle of light selective thermal destruction, and the hair growth environment of the hair is destroyed by Laser Beauty Machine to achieve hair removal. The most ideal laser hair removal is permanent removal. In fact, in clinical operation, due to energy selection, technical mastery, or technical limitations of the instrument itself, it is possible to temporarily suppress hair temporarily and make hair grow slowly without Achieve true hair removal purposes. The wavelength of the Laser Beauty Machine and other technical parameters are irreversible damage to the hair follicles and the feeding tissues around the hair follicles, thus achieving permanent hair loss.

Second, the comfort of treatment:

Laser Beauty Machine hair removal mainly relies on calories to destroy hair follicles, so the skin will have some feeling during the treatment of Laser Beauty Machine, such as heat or tingling, but the therapeutic feeling of some instruments can be controlled, such as 808 semiconductor laser hair removal, its heat It is a process of gradual accumulation, so the skin feels from warming to burning and then stinging. This feeling of treatment is controllable and can be stopped at the critical point of tolerance. The strong pulse light type hair removal technology instantly burns the hair follicle, which is not a process of gradually warming up, so the skin feeling is a direct instant heat pain. So on the comfort side, the 808 is even better.

Third, the safety of treatment:

In summer, the skin is exposed, and the melanin in the skin is more than in other seasons. The more melanin absorbs more light, the greater the response to Laser Beauty Machine treatment. Therefore, the Laser Beauty Machine, which uses strong pulsed light for summer hair removal, is easy to produce light spot printing due to improper energy control. The wavelength of 808nm has little effect on epidermal melanin and hemoglobin. The treatment basically does not produce spot printing, so it is more safe.