Laser Beauty Machine, Constantly Creating The Myths Around You

- Mar 21, 2019-

Laser Beauty Machine, constantly creating the myths around you, from the laser application in the medical beauty industry, humans have mastered this important factor that can change the face, through the experience of medical beauty doctors and their hands to master the mythical creation tools - —Laser Beauty Machine; constantly brushing the lie of this beauty.

Using the Beauty Beauty Machine for skin care is already a contemporary beauty course for women, and it is no longer a new topic. However, looking at the overall Laser Beauty Machine market, the cost of the same technology can vary greatly, and the effect is naturally different. The key point here is the laser instrument. The same is true for the Laser Beauty Machine, which can cost tens of thousands of dollars for the domestic Laser Beauty Machine and millions of imported Laser Beauty Machines.

The reason why Laser Beauty Machine has a therapeutic effect is mainly selective thermal action. Different lasers act on different diseased tissues without causing damage to normal tissues. The production of a laser instrument is based on specific treatment parameters. At present, the well-known laser instruments for medical treatment in China are specialized, and one company can develop one or two lasers at most. The laser that is omnipotent on a platform is produced to meet the needs of low-end customers. It is far from laser medical treatment, and it can not reach the key laser treatment parameters, which will cause complications such as normal tissue damage. Problems such as scarring and pigmentation.