Laser Beauty Machine Operating Environment

- Mar 14, 2019-

The Laser Beauty Machine is fully controlled by a computer-automatic chip. Therefore, when using it, do not use high-frequency electrical appliances in the surrounding area to avoid interference with the normal operation of the Laser Beauty Machine. If there is interference, there are generally two kinds of phenomena (A. When it is used normally, there is a sudden crash. B. The LCD shows a jump). The general troubleshooting method is to turn off the power and restart the Laser Beauty Machine.

Laser Beauty Machine Maintenance

Laser Beauty Machine should contact Laser Beauty Machine in time for loss. The company's Laser Beauty Machine manufacturers are regular and intimate after-sales service.

What are the requirements for the personnel who operate the instrument?

Nowadays, many instrument panels use software buttons, which are more fragile. The operator's nails are too long to be smashed by the air. Some interfaces that come into contact with the accessories are on the line. Operators often ignore this point and insert it. Inserting it will also damage the contact port. In addition, some forget to turn off the power after the end, causing the instrument to dry, which directly leads to shortened life.

Because the role of the Laser Beauty Machine is different and the value is very different, what is the difference between the maintenance of ordinary instruments and high-end instruments?

The materials used in high-end instruments are precise, and the requirements for the power supply of the matching equipment are strict. Therefore, the requirements of the manual must be strictly followed; the high-end instruments have higher requirements for operators, so they must be professionally trained before they can be operated on the machine.

When the instrument has problems, we tend to be at a loss, but some problems can be handled by ourselves. The common problems are as follows:

The first type, the normal accessories of the instrument have no output, the reason is that the conductive wire of the accessory is damaged, the skin of the customer is too dry and not conductive, or the contact between the accessory and the customer's skin is not good. The treatment method is to replace the conductive wire and apply the accessory to the skin of the customer at any time. And keep the skin moist。