Laser Beauty Machine Sets Off A Boom In The Beauty Industry

- Mar 09, 2019-

From today's development boom and trend, we have to admit that the Laser Beauty Machine industry has gradually replaced the traditional beauty techniques, becoming a hot and sunny industry in the beauty industry. I believe that in the near future, the Laser Beauty Machine industry will still be To achieve even greater results at a speed that is even more lightning-fast.

The first big advantage: the high-tech "secret" of Laser Beauty Machine

Laser Beauty Machine can be divided into continuous laser, semi-continuous laser and pulsed laser according to the way the laser releases energy. A continuous laser emits its laser energy as a stable, continuous beam of light. The energy of the pulsed laser is released in the form of a pulse. According to the pulse width, the pulsed laser can be further divided into a long pulse laser (pulse width of milliseconds) and a short pulse laser (pulse width of nanoseconds). Short pulse lasers include various Q-switched lasers. Semi-continuous lasers also release energy in the form of pulses, except that the interval between each pulse is very short and unadjustable, and the laser energy is released in the form of tightly coupled bursts, which is actually difficult for the skin. "Identify" this is a pulsed laser, and its clinical effect is similar to that of a continuous laser, so the semi-continuous laser is sometimes referred to as a quasi-continuous laser or a quasi-continuous laser.

Laser Beauty Machine is divided into ultraviolet, infrared, and visible Laser Beauty Machine according to the wavelength range. The most widely used in the skin cosmetic field is the visible light Laser Beauty Machine for the treatment of vascular lesions and pigmented lesions. Secondly, it is used for cutting, vaporizing skin lesions and infrared lasers for grinding wrinkles. Ultraviolet Laser Beauty Machine is less common for skin beauty.

The second biggest advantage: investing in high-tech instruments into a beauty store business trend

In the traditional beauty salon business concept, products and services have always been the two most important aspects of beauty salons. However, while consumers are paying more and more attention to consumer quality and enjoyment of consumption, while software (ie, services, professional technology, etc.) is guaranteed, hardware (products, instruments, decoration, etc.) can not be less.