New Arrival 980nm Diode Laser Spider Vein Removal Machine

- Jan 09, 2020-

In laser vein therapy, the laser is emitted through the fiber to provide just the right amount of energy. The target tissue reacts with light energy, causing the vein to close and seal. The closed vein is a superficial vein that treats less than 5% of the blood flow. Blood automatically flows to other veins.

According the beauty trend, more and more people looking for beauty treatment without downtime, quickly to see the results. Now our 980nm diode laser machine hot sale on beauty clinic, spa, salon and so on. Alsowith good customers's feedback.

Model: BM01


1) No burning, redness or scar after treatment, no effects to normal life;

2) Only one or two treatments are required, very good results;

3) Portable with suitcase very convenient to carry and move;

4) Three modes: CW Pulse Mode, Pulse Mode, and Single for optional;

5) Adjustable spot size: from 0.2 to 2mm of diameter for operator do treatment.

Our machine come with 15W/20W/30W for different customers need.