Pubic Hair Grooming By Individual Themselves Would At Risks

- Oct 13, 2020-

The study was published yesterday in the journal JAMA Dermatology.

The study was initiated when the researchers looked at the common problems involving the genitalia that presented in the emergency rooms. Benjamin Breyer, a urologist at the University of California, San Francisco and co-author of the study said what surprised them was the frequency with which people turned up with “injuries relating to grooming”. At least 3 percent of all adults in the emergency presented with a “grooming injury” to the genitourinary system he explained. And this was a high incidence that prompted this study for a more in depth look.

For this study the team of researchers looked at US-based adults aged 18-64 all over the country in an online survey. The survey was carried out in January 2014. Participants were asked to report anonymously about the age they started grooming pubic hair, how hairy they thought themselves to be and the types and frequency of injuries they sustained during their efforts at grooming. All in all 7,456 adults took part in the survey.

Results showed that 5,674 participants reported that they had, at some point, groomed their pubic hair. According to gender, 67% of men and just over 85% of women admitted to grooming their pubic hair at some point in their lives. Of these most resorted to self when it came to pubic hair removal with just under 4 percent using a professional’s help in pubic hair removal. Another 9 percent used a partner’s help and 0.5 percent of the respondents used a friend’s help for pubic hair removal. Nearly three-quarters of participants admitted to using some form of razor to shave off their pubic hair.

Men who thought they were hairier tended to get hurt more often while shaving themselves down there. Results showed that 27 percent of women and almost 24 percent of men cut themselves while shaving and 1.4 percent needed medical attention for their injuries. Among men the commonest sites of injuries were over the scrotum (67. 2 percent) and penis (34.8 percent) while in women the pubis (51.3 percent) was the commonest site of injury followed by inner thigh (44.9%), vagina (42.5%), and perineum (13.2%).、

 So if you want to remove your hair, please find a professional spa or clinic to get the treatment.