Sincoheren Wolf In Beauty Machine

- Nov 25, 2019-

Beijing Sincoheren SST Development Co Ltd. established in 1999 is one of the largest and the earliest  professional hightech manufacturers of medical andaesthetc equipments we have our own research & development department, we have factory, international sales departments. overseas distributors and aftersales department. Sincoeheren Is one of the bigest Companies that provide high quailty Machine in China, since 20 year ago the company start growing in the market, and with all this develop Sincoheren Wolf team rise.

Sincoheren wolf team, has in total 5 sub teams that aim differents Countries, around the world,, two if the 7 sub team are specially for russian speaker countries, one for Spanish makert and English market. We work together to rpovide the best and the most comfortable and efficient experience to our costumers.


We have headquares in Beijng, Shenzhen, Australia, USA from them we feed our market, to make the improve the costumer experience. oUR MAC