Anti Aging Eeylid Lfiting And Wrinkle Machine

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Quantum RF

Wrinkle shaping,and skin rejuvenation effects

Single-level quantum RF uses a high-frequency energy wave of 40.68MHz to make cells and polar water molecules in the skin and subcutaneous tissue produce high-speed rotating friction and generate heat. The temperature of the subcutaneous tissue rises to 42-60 ° C. The temperature rise accelerates the catabolism of subcutaneous fat, stimulates the regeneration and reorganization of collagen and elastic fibers, and eliminates wrinkles, tightens the skin, and reshapes the body.

High-frequency quantum energy sustained-release technology applies longitudinal thermal therapy for the first time to quantify the output energy wave. From the inside to the outside, it regulates the fat layer, fascia layer, dermis layer, and epidermis layer to activate the arrangement and reorganization of water molecules in the cell to build a new Elastic fiber web with anti-aging effect enhanced by overall suspension.

ApplicationsAnti aging treatment

• Layered four-level anti-aging is more durable

• Four-layer lifting, three-dimensional tightening

• First-class anti-aging confrontation-epidermal relaxation

• Improve wrinkles, eliminate fine lines, reduce pores

• Secondary anti-aging countermeasures-dermal sag 

• Firms skin, tightens contours, brightens skin tone 

• Tertiary anti-aging fight-fat layer bloated

• Tighten baby fat, improve double chin, resize face 

• Level 4 anti-aging countermeasures-sagging fascia 

• Improve decree lines, raise puppet lines, lift facial lines

Machine Outlook

Aesthetic RF Skin rejuvenation MachineRF Wrinkles Removal MachinePortable eye lift

Machine Parts


Machine Interface


Lifting and Tightening Device

Technical advantages of quantum RF

•Fast operation •Comfortable •Safety •High energy efficiency •Long duration

Quantum RF (deep) single-stage emission mode makes the effective depth of thermal energy up to 5MM under the skin.

Quantum RF: (wide) subcutaneous deep thermal energy diffusion area can reach 900MM², faster treatment and overall lifting.

Quantum RF: (comfortable) mild epidermal sensation protects you from epidermal redness and heat (heat energy from the inside out).

Quantum RF: (safe) protects you from the risk of electric shock from the epidermis, (single-stage is different from bipolar).

Quantum RF: (energy efficiency) 40.68M thermal conversion energy efficiency is 10 times that of traditional radio frequency.

Long thermal energy duration: (long time) subcutaneous thermal energy lasts for more than 30min.

Technical advantages of quantum RF

•Instrument configuration Double head (face / body) Please choose the right treatment head for different parts

•Reasonably adjust the energy level according to the feelings of different parts and customers 

•Do not leave the handle in one place for a long time during operation, operate for 15-30 minutes 

•Please use the appropriate method according to the skin's direction during the operation. 

•Cooperate with proper introduction of nutrient solution, essential oil, etc. during operation

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