RF Kuma Shape Skin Tightening

Kuma shape CE approved, remove cellulite completely and promote skin smooth effectively with the advanced technology of rf, vacuum, infrared and automatic rolling system.

Product Details

Bi-polar RF(radio frequency) heats tissue up to~15 mm depth to work on the deep tissue (adipose tissue and hypodermis collagen fiber) persistently

IR(Infrared Light) is mainly heat the superficial tissue up to 3mm depth
Vacuum constrictions can assistant RF with the penetration depth
Roller massage can improve the blood circulation and lymph circulation
These 4 techs work together will have great results for Shape & Smooth/ Body shaping/ Circumference Reduction/ Cellulite Reduction/ Skin Tightening/ Wrinkle Reduction/ Surface Smoothing

The machine have one arm handle(smaller) and one body handle(bigger)
Arm handle can be used for neck, arms, face, body
Body handle can be used for belly, waist, buttocks, thigh, lovehandles, back,etc..




1. Skin-tightening and wrinkle removal

The infrared light and radio frequency can heat up the target tissue in the deep layer of the skin for proliferating the collagen and improving the blood circulation to tighten the loose skin of face and eyes round and removal the wrinkles.


2. Body shaping

High Frequency radio can heat up the fat under 5-15 cm of the skin and increase the diffusion of O2, further more to reinforce the substance exchange in and out of the cell., to promote the speed of body fat metabolism and to reallocate the water glycerin.


The energy of infrared light reinforce the flexibility of the skin, protect the epidermis and heat up the fat under the skin. The design of the vacuum and mechanical roll increases the blood supply and promotes the necessary release of catalyzing enzyme which the process of fat metabolism requires.


3. Cellulite removal

High frequency Radio frequency, which work together with the rolling vacuum massage can improve the blood circulation and increase the oxygen of the blood in targeted area. The lymphatic system will eliminate the waste and cure the fibrosis cellulite.


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