Skin Care RF Monopolar Machine

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Product Details

Quantum RF

Wrinkle shaping,and skin rejuvenation effects

This machine ill use High Radio Fequency energy to make high spped rotating frintion that generate a heat that raise to 42-60° that will reduce dismish wrinkles and  tight the skin in the face and body. will reduce wrinkles like frown lines, crows feet/laugh by stimulating the regenartion of the collagen.

ApplicationsAnti aging Face lifthing machine

  • Wrinkles appear on the skin: crow's feet, forehead lines, nasal grooves, neck lines. 

  • Skin aging: sagging, double chin. 

  • Slack face: bloated.

  • Coarse skin texture: large pores, dull complexion, 

  • Lipolysis and body sculpting: postpartum abdominal tightening, liposuction tightening, thigh weight loss

Machine Outlook

Aesthetic RF Skin rejuvenation MachineRF Wrinkles Removal MachinePortable eye lift


Lifting and Tightening Device

Technical advantages of quantum RF

Provide the most comfortable and safe treatment by using carbon crystal treatment head (corrosion and high temperature resistance) and will not cause any allergy. This monopolar techonology protect the skin from any posible electro skock.  The treatment lasts for more than 30min

  •     Stable thermal field, uniform distribution, safe, comfortable, no side effects.

  •     Simple operation, short time, quick results, remarkable effect

  •     Adjustable energy level, energy self-adaptation, no-load protection

  •     Thermal energy range: 1.5-5cm under the skin

  •     Subcutaneous temperature: 38-60 ° C

  •     High thermal efficiency: 9-10 times more than traditional RF

Precautions for quantum lift:

  1. If artificial fillers have been injected in the treatment area, treatment is not recommended.

  2. Tell the doctor truthfully whether there is any injection of hyaluronic acid or collagen in the treatment area in the past six months.

  3. No metal objects are allowed on the body.

  4. It is not recommended for patients with cardiac diseases, cardiac rhythm regulators and pregnant women.

  5. Do not apply makeup on the day of treatment, or clean the face before treatment

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