3d Face Moisture Analysis Machine

3d Face Moisture Analysis Machine

It is a method of using deep learning techniques combined with the expertise of dermatologists to accurately quantify the skin - the latest in skin diagnostic methods. Its appearance according to the doctor's experience, so that skin treatment farewell to the history of past medical experience, can accurately and quantitatively diagnose skin conditions
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It provides doctors and patients with more accurate, clear and easy-to-understand skin diagnostic reports for more effective skin treatment and treatment, including:

1. RGB moisture: water pen to detect skin moisture content more accurate and more scientific

2. RGB pores: pore roughness and size

3. RGB wrinkles: wrinkle distribution area, score, collagen loss and fiber relaxation

4. PL roughness: texture, smoothness, fineness

5. UV stain: UV spots, sun damage, sun protection index

6. PL sensitivity: skin sensitivity defense function and immune analysis completed

7. UV acne: oil secretion is strong, skin permeability, cleanliness and metabolism

8. PL stain: chloasma pigment spots, brown spots, pigment


  1. Skin texture

  2. pores

  3. pigment

  4. wrinkle

  5. freckle

  6. Roughness

  7. Acne

  8. skin moisture

  9. skin problems in the future

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