Anti Hair Loss Laser Hair Diode Machine

650nm laser is a semiconductor cold laser, will not hurt the hair, it is neither a chemical nor a drug, but its penetration is any chemical liquid and drugs can not match, to overcome the past, all kinds of chemical hair disease can not Fully penetrate into the root of the weaknesses.
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Product Details

Working Principle

The device is a non-invasive, specially designed phototherapy system: the hair follicles opening while irradiating facilitating the absorption of drugs. Matt thermal effect of the skin to make the increasing of the temperature, decreasing sympathetic ability, so it brings the results of releasing  vasoactive substances, vasodilation, blood flow, improving blood circulation, enhancing tissue nutrition, active tissue metabolism, improve cell oxygen supply, and the lesion area Blood oxygen status, strengthen the cell's ability of regeneration, control the development of inflammation and make it limited area, accelerate the lesion repairment, could be applied to a variety of skin diseases and anti-inflammatory analgesic, promote blood circulation and metabolism.

Performance characteristics:

  • Display

  • Handle

  • Mainframe

  • base

  • Light Source


  • Accelerate blood flow, improve microcirculation, increase metabolism

  • Effectively kill hair pathogens

  • Improve hair cells and stem cell viability, accelerate cell fission

  • Promote hair follicles opening, conducive to the absorption of drugs

  • Activate the activity of biological macromolecules

  • Increase the thickness of collagen

  • Regulate endocrine and improve hair quality

  • better control of oil secretion

  • Increasing ATP(ATP)


    BEFORE                                               AFTER

Hair Growth Laser LED

Light source Advantage

  • Using 650nm semiconductor laser

  • 650nm±2nm   Output wavelength: LD 650nm±2nm

  • Laser classification: 3R laser products

  • Single laser Bead power: 5mW 

  • Output optical power: ≤2120mW(= 5mW x 424)

Main Specifications

Mainframe Size:                                                                                570mm×620mm×1245mm(L×W×H) nArm  

Lifting Availability:                                                                            99cm-145cm                                                    

Light Source Size, Outward-Stretched:                                          488mm×453mm×65mm(L×W×H)                

Internal Dimension of light source in Retracted Position:            225mm×225mm×120mm( L×W×H )           

NW:                                                                                                     26.5kg                                                              

Power Source:

                                                                                                               Home:AC 220V±10%,50Hz±2%                 

                                                                                                               Overseas:AC 100-240V,50/60Hz±2%        

Structure:                                                                                           Trolley                                                              

Display:                                                                                              8”Rotatable Touch Screen                               

Irradiation Dist.:                                                                                 4cm                                                                 

Effective irradiation area :                                                                935cm2±10cm2                                               

Q’ty of Laser LD:                                                                               424 Beads                                                        

Timing:                                                                                               within 0min~60min, adjustable                       

Irradiation mode:                                                                                 continuous irradiation, pulse irradiation            

Pulse Hz:                                                                                           1Hz~10Hz                                                         

Light source rotation angle :                                                           360°                                                                  

Anit Hair lossNo loss hair led machine

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