LED Photodynamic Therapy Scar and Acne Removal

LED Photodynamic Therapy Uses LED Ligth for a Fast treatment,to del with acne, wrinkles, scars.Make the skin to secrete many collagens to achieve healing, tender skin, whitening, acne, antioxidant effect, ideally suited for sub-healthy and dry, allergic skin, and facial nerve numbness, spastic patients.
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Product Details

LED Photodynamic Therapy Introduction


Red and blue light treatment system using United States high quality LED purity over 99% genes of biological electromagnetic wave sources, with special optical signal transmission technology in the world, and non-thermal effects. During treatment period, may combination contains special photographic ingredients of high nutrition photosensitive collagen, can fast effective of import subcutaneous tissue and are absorbed by red grains of cell, and produce most efficient of light of reaction--enzyme promoting reaction, thus improving the activity of cells and promoting the metabolism of cells. Make the skin to secrete many collagens and automatically fill in fibrous histiocytomas, while increase peritoneal macrophages bacteria ability of white cell , so as to achieve healing, tender skin, whitening, acne, antioxidant effect, ideally suited for sub-healthy and dry, allergic skin, and facial nerve numbness, spastic patients.


Product Applications:

  1. Improve acne, acne marks and folliculitis.

  2. Improve red streaks, acne rosacea, stolid.

  3. Improve wrinkles, fine lines and skin relaxation.

  4. Improve pore bulky, rough skin and skin color grey.

  5. Repairing the damaged and replanted skin.

  6. Repairing the sequelae of burns, blisters, pigmentation Recovery of facial neuropathy.

  7. Elimination of fatigue, relieve stress, improve sleeping quality.



LED Photodynamic Therapy

Arm Qualities 

LED Phototherapy Parts Wrinkle Removal

Rotation and Scope Flexibility:

  • Treatment head by special connector can be fixed and achieve the function of electrical connection,more             convenient and quick to change

  • Our LED Panel can turned 90 degrees.

  • Our LED Panel adapts to the height by allowing up and down movement by 27cm freely

Panel Flexibility:

  • Treatment head can be stretched and bent to semi-cycle

             RED LIGTH              BLUE LIGHT             YELLOW LIGHT




Red light fully absorbed by fiber cells to promote cell growth, improve cell viability, reduce pore size, stimulate cells to produce collagen, thickening and restructuring the dermis structure, smooth and increase the elasticity of the skinBlue light matches the light absorption peak of porphyrin in the metabolite of propionibacterium in acne.After the stimulation of porphyrin,many singlet active oxyen are produced,forming a high oxidation environment to kill bacteria and remove acneYellow light matches the light absorption peak of blood vessels,improve microcirculation safely and effectively without the action of thermal effect,regulates cell activity,and improves skin problems effectively,increases the natual regeneration of collagen,and stimulates fibroblast and elastin production.This improves skin tone and reduces fine lines.

For acne improvement, , while repair damaged skin

Diminish fine lines, firm skin, increase collagen, improve skin clour,replenish the skin's moisture

Anti-inflammation, decrease pain, promote wound healing, postoperative repair





 Aluminum alloy case/ carton case/ wooden   case, according to the customs and clients


 Within 3-7 working days after payment   received


 Door to door(DHL/TNT/UPS/FEDEX/EMS…), By   air, By sea


Our Services/Warranty

As a professional manufacturer, we provide follow services:

1. ONE year warranty and life time maintenance.

2. We have complete after sales service department provide 24 hours service. we also have professional engineer service and branch office in the USA, Euro, Australia and HK, quick after-sale service.

3. In time delivery.

4. High Quality assurance.


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