Rejuvenation Therapy Machine

Thermal heat machine that use physical thermal waves and skin- self repair mechanism to remodeling collagen and the skin surface, obtaining the same results as novoxel machine, making you skin brighter, tighter by removing spots, scars. etc
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Best rejuvenation machine Thermal Neo Face. 

Needles can be reused by self sterilizing withought purchasing new needles


NEO-Face 2


Neo-Face use thermal wave heated(396℃) probe(1c㎡ area) which containing an array of pyramids upon brief contact with the skin thermal wave energy is transferred to the target skin layers in millisecond time, therefore various clinical effects will be obtained with much less of the unnecessary thermal effect produced by the laser..

How it works?

Neo-FACE uses the thermal waves to scan the target skin by activating and remodeling the collagen system in the dermis for rejuvenation skin. It is a pure physical thermal therapy with the effect of fractional laser but much less pain.


  1. no burn and no risk of side effects

  2. better results by sufficient energy delivering

  3. easy to control penetration depth

  4. acne scar,large pore,wrinkle,skin tone,skin elasticity


NEO-Face 3

1. Skin Rejuvenation & Skin Resurfacing

Face lifting

Photo aging

Wrinkles removal – crow's feet, neckline, eye corner, mouth corner

Shrink pores

Firming skin

Increasing elasticity

Improving texture

2. Pigmentation Removal

Age spots

Brown spots

Sun damage



Actinic Keratoses

3. Scars Removal

Surgical scars

Traumatic scars

Acne scars

4. Stretch marks removal

5. Transdermal Administration

Opening the channel to increase transdermal absorption rate

NEO-Face 4


Gold microcrystalline-your wrinkle Terminator

What is the main problem of gold microcrystal?

1. Wrinkles, crows feet wrinkles wrinkles neck wrinkles

2. Facial rejuvenation, compact lifting

3. Large pores

4. Dim skin

5. Skin whitening

6. Acne scars and Sunken scar


NEO-Face 1

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